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Growing with you


The campaign

We worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific to develop an integrated brand campaign to lay the foundations for a new product line. These products were designed to aid researchers in developing 3D cell cultures, an exciting new area of scientific research with large-scale implications for drug discovery,  cancer research as well as organ and tissue regeneration.

Growing with you, ThermoFisher Scientific

The challenge

The challenge was to develop a campaign which laid the foundation for the new product line, while consolidating existing products from Thermo Fisher Scientific's other brands, Gibco and Invitrogen. 


Our approach

For the 'Growing with you' campaign, we chose to adopt an authentic voice approach, and use the words of the researchers and scientists at all ends of the pipeline in the copy and videos. These ranged from the research and development teams right the way through to the scientists using the products for cutting edge research. 

We interviewed scientists in Vienna at the Institute of Molecular Biology, researchers at the University of Cambridge alongside R&D specialists at Thermo Fisher Scientific's development facility in Frederick MA,  to capture on film key opinion leaders and Thermo Fisher staff all working towards the same goals. 

Using these voices we constructed a suite of digital assets, starting with the campaign Vision Statement and moving on to targeted videos looking into the implications of this new technology on Education, Cancer and Stem Cell research.


We worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific to develop a clear value proposition for the campaign, boiling it down into one clear sentence. 

For Cancer and stem cell researchers 

Who need support working with 3D models 

Our 3D offering is a collection 

Of products, technical support, and educational material 

That support and guide the customer in getting started in 3D models. 

We then expanded on this to develop a customer journey navigating through the content, beginning with social media, moving to the Thermo Fisher homepage, all the way though to products and customer education, and then developed content for each stage in the pipeline.




Instead of using stock imagery we chose to film and photograph real scientific researchers at work in the lab, aligning the imagery to the authentic voice approach adopted throughout the campaign. 

The hero image was taken from footage collected at an in-person practical course, and captured a researchers natural pose when checking her cells.

This imagery developed into a range of different formats, from print and digital, to social media and web assets.



OM successfully delivered a brand campaign which consolidated a range of existing product lines from Thermo Fishers sub brands (Gibco, Invitrogen) under the combined message of 'Growing with you, and set the foundations for the companies entrance into the 3D field.


This started with thought leadership, interviews with Key Opinion Leaders from around the world and the development of Educational resources, spearheaded by hero imagery, and messaging which communicated a collaborative tone, based on the words of researchers and Thermo Fisher employees.

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