Creative Team

Our creative team with backgrounds in advertising, TV and film, are on a mission to bring brands and stories together. 


Scientific Team

Uniquely, OM has access to an large network of PhD trained scientists, ensuring scientific accuracy is at the heart of the scientific content we produce.



We pride ourselves on our creative work, and the innovative approaches we bring to new or existing campaigns and strategies.


Everything we do is produced from the ground up, by our team of talented creatives, who love what they do which comes across in every project we work on.


Consistency is at the core of what we do, across a variety of media formats to help communicate a message which best defines the business or campaign strategy.


One of the reasons OM was set up was to address a need for great creative, delivered at speed. We are used hitting the ground running, producing great creative within tight timeframes.


Our whole business is communication, and this extends to our clients. Regular communication ensures projects remain on track, and deadlines always hit, even when the project spans multiple departments.

Obrizum Media, OBRIZUM GROUP Ltd.

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We'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can tell your story.